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Anesthesia Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is found at the intersection of patient expectation and provider accomplishment. With so much in our current work environment depending on patient satisfaction, it is crucial that providers gather patient feedback. But that feedback is useless unless it drives continuous improvement.

Somnia can help you develop the tools you need to truly understand your patient’s anesthesia experience. After reading this report, you will:

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Best Compensation Administration Practices – Reduce Risk for Physician Executive Roles White Paper

As the healthcare industry continues on its path toward change, hospitals and health systems are increasingly turning to physicians to fill part-time executive roles. These clinical leaders are well-regarded strong performers and have the expertise and authority to influence positive change during an otherwise tumultuous period of time.

But with new approaches come new administrative challenges. The following whitepaper, written by Gallagher Integrated, a division of Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc., offers a myriad of best compliance practices that will mitigate the risk inherent in the pay structure for these roles. 

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